Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sister Act

Kelly, my sister and I live in the same state and same city.  Less than 5 miles from each other, actually.  For some strange reason it is just so hard to get together all the time.  So we try and do a weekly sister dinner date!

This week we went to this little place a few blocks from me called 'Good Enough To Eat.'  And let me tell you...EVERYTHING was definitely good enough to scarf down!  Notable though, was the cornbread and great desserts.  Sister got homemade chocolate covered cherry vanilla ice cream and I got yellow cake with chocolate frosting!  YUMMY!


To top off a great evening with tasty food and lovely company, the soundtrack to 'Dirty Dancing' was blasting the whole time!  Who doesn't LOVE that movie?  I now have that movie playing in the background as I am writing this!
"Nobody puts Baby in the corner!" 

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