Friday, March 18, 2011

Braided updo

As a dancer,  I have to do my hair up and out of my face almost everyday of the week.  Honestly though, a bun can get quite boring!  That is why I love braids!  I want to show you a really simple one I do all the time to add a little spice to my hair.  This is a one sided braid with the ends tucked and pinned up.  All you do is part your hair on either side.  You take the larger half and start french braiding down towards your ear.  (I prefer to keep the braid as close to my ear as possible.)  As you gather the hair, start to sweep the smaller half from the other side of your face into the braid.  This will create the side swept look.  Finish braid all the way to the end.  When you have knotted off the braid, make a little bun or tuck the ends back up.  Be sure to hide the hair elastic.  And Voila!  There you have yourself a chic, quick, and simply way to keep your hair out of your face!  

I recently chopped my hair, so I have had to alter my braiding.  If you have longer hair you should consider the swept heidi look.  (My Absolute FAVORITE!!!)  You simply do this same side swept french braid.  But instead of tucking the ends into a bun, you continue to wrap the rest of the braid around your head making a circular headband of sorts.  Without knotting off the end, you pin the hair back into the beginning of the french braid.  (Sounds confusing?  Pictures to come.)  

I know a lot of people don't think they can pull this particular look off,  but trust me, most people can.  The key is to keep the braid loose, and a bit messy.  If it gets to clean, it can look childish.  Try it out, and have fun with it!  Good luck!


  1. Hi Devon,
    I just saw the link to your blog on FB. I will have to try this with Bonnie...she's always begging me to do her hair...which has such presence it's like a 5th member of our family.

    It was so fun to see you last fall at your ward in NY. You have always been someone we enjoy. ♥