Monday, March 14, 2011


So while in Florence, boyfriend and I decided to climb this...

This is a tower in a huge church called Il Duomo-Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.  It has 463 stairs and a great view of the city!

This was my expression previous to climbing THE STAIRS!


Only at the first stop-off!  Already tired.  Too late to turn around?

Not there yet...

Not yet...

A little progress made.  But still not yet...

I would never want to get stuck in there!

Not yet...

See that little black blob on the floor below...

Thats me!

Near the top, THE STAIRS started to get a lot more narrow and scary.  I got really clausterphobic and had to start running ahead to get out!  Everyone else got quite the kick out of seeing me freak out!  And guess what...still not there yet!

We made it!

Boyfriend and I at the top!

Just a little perspective on how high up we were.

Boyfriend thought it would be funny to take a picture "acting" like we were claustrophobic and trapped.   After looking at this picture boyfriend laughed really hard and told me my "acting" skills were really good.  If only he knew how little "acting" I was really doing!

Just another little tid-bit from Italy!

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