Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Madness

Mondays for me are like most peoples Saturdays. Filled with cleaning, running errands, and my absolute favorite chore...LAUNDRY. (dun dun dunnnnn) Thus lack of my posting already!

So who watched the Academy Awards last night?
Oh, the dresses...the jewelry...and the hair.  I was drooling all night!   
I was so happy that Natalie Portman took the Oscar for 'Best Actress'.
In tribute to Natalie and 'Black Swan', I wanted to show you a little something my sister and I put together while I was out visiting for the week!

(P.S.  I would always feel a little bad for Lilah when I would see what her mama would put her through, but strange enough I think she kind of likes it!  She sure can turn it on for the camera!)

If you want to see anymore of the crazy things my sister does to her daughter you can go here...

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