Thursday, March 17, 2011

WII Kareoke Night

After dinner with Sister the other night we decided we needed a Wii Karyoke night!  So on Saturday Sister brought over her hubby and pup Buddy to play.  Boyfriend came along too, even though he refuses to sing kareoke.  (Which still baffles me to this day?  Who doesn't like Kareoke?)  So if you don't sing for must feed me!  We put him to work making a pepperoni pizza while we sang out hearts out!  It was a great night full of fun songs, a little dancing, and great food!

This is Buddy.  Sister's pup!

Singing away!

Even Sister's hubby got a piece of the action!


The non-singing chef!

Going to town!  Maybe this face is why boyfriend doesn't like Kareoke?  

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  1. Dude - there's Wii Karaoke??? Gonna have to head out and purchase that ASAP...