Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Queen of the Willis

On Friday last week I found out some REALLY REALLY exciting news!  I could hardly keep my mouth closed until today, but I had to wait until it was official.  Guess what...ITS OFFICIAL!  I am learning my very first Principal part in a full length ballet!  I am learning Myrta (The Queen of the Willis) in the ballet 'Giselle'.  I know this doesn't mean anything to a lot of you, so I posted a little video to give you some insight on why I am SOOOO excited!  

So generally I am just one of the many willis in the back of the corps (like you saw in the second video). But not now!  Now I am the Queen of the Willis!  EEK!


  1. HELL YEAH!!! Soooooo proud of you and super excited! XXOO

  2. I have seen Giselle several times and the parts with the Willis are by far my favorite. Awesome! Huge congratulations!

  3. Devon, that is amazing! Congratulations!!!

  4. Devon! I stumbled across your blog on facebook... this is awesome news! Congrats!!! Hope you're doing well :-)


  5. WHAT!?!?!? omg lady i am so excited for youuuuu!

    p.s. i am flattered to be on your inspiration list.
    p.p.s. regarding another blog on the list...really??? ;)